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KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Fri, April 10, 2009 19:42:22

I've seen and heard about tube, heal-less or spiralling socks for ages... but never tried knitting any. When I bought this skein of Fyberspates Self Striping Sock yarn in the colorway Tiger at Garnkorgen, I thought this yarn will be perfect!

Through Ravelry, I found a suitable pattern here:

Besides giving a good lession on how to do it, it also provide great information for adjusting the number of stitches to the yarn, gauge and size - perfect!

I started 11th of April, CO 64 stitches on DPN 3 mm. Afther finishing one sock, I realized I could either have CO less stitches, like 56, and / or used smaller needles like 2,5 mm. Anyway, I do like the way the yarn stripes... almost like a tiger...
Here is how they turned out when they finished after two days:

It was a very fast and easy knit! The striping doesn't "match" properly, but that's how it is with handpainted yarn sometimes. I think they look great and thought for a long while to keep them for myself, but... they were intended as a gift, so I hope the recipient liked them enough to use them smiley