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LinksPosted by Ann Helen Tue, March 31, 2009 10:50:04

When visiting another blog a while ago, I came across something called "Ravelry"... and I noticed others referring to this website. When checking it out, I was disappointed that one has to sign up and queue to become a member.... Anyhow, I signed up, and after a short while I was a member - finding a website that is a significant help for anyone being interested in knitting and crocheting! So if you are serious about your precious handwork, a good hint is: become a member!

This is cut and pasted from their website regarding membership, quoting:
"We are inviting people in bits and pieces- not because we want it to be exclusive but because we only have one Casey code monkey to keep up with updates and bugs! We are still building the site and do not want it to blow up on you guys. So if you do post about Ravelry on your blog, please let everyone know we are adding new folks as quickly as we can from the invitation waitinglist... we want to include everyone! Once you are signed up, you can check how we are progressing with your invite here. Everyone really is welcome on Ravelry!"

And the link is: - ENJOY!smiley