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KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Fri, May 01, 2009 14:22:00

My first go at lace knitting and english pattern. It is fun and with lovely colorful yarn, one can play around with simple patterns to make stunning creations!

I started the easy way by using a rather simple pattern called Rose Heart Shawl. Thought it a bit tricky at first as I am not used to following charts, instructions and even a row counter! After finishing 28 rows:Please note the homemade stitch marker! Camilla helped me make some smiley

Thanks to KnitPicks knitting community and their helpful tutorials and explaination, I managed to get the stitches and principles right.

Before blocking:

After blocking:

The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, colorway Maple Leaf.


KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Fri, April 10, 2009 19:42:22

I've seen and heard about tube, heal-less or spiralling socks for ages... but never tried knitting any. When I bought this skein of Fyberspates Self Striping Sock yarn in the colorway Tiger at Garnkorgen, I thought this yarn will be perfect!

Through Ravelry, I found a suitable pattern here:

Besides giving a good lession on how to do it, it also provide great information for adjusting the number of stitches to the yarn, gauge and size - perfect!

I started 11th of April, CO 64 stitches on DPN 3 mm. Afther finishing one sock, I realized I could either have CO less stitches, like 56, and / or used smaller needles like 2,5 mm. Anyway, I do like the way the yarn stripes... almost like a tiger...
Here is how they turned out when they finished after two days:

It was a very fast and easy knit! The striping doesn't "match" properly, but that's how it is with handpainted yarn sometimes. I think they look great and thought for a long while to keep them for myself, but... they were intended as a gift, so I hope the recipient liked them enough to use them smiley

Second moebius

KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Sun, March 29, 2009 00:08:38

When I came across this lovely hand-dyed yarn from Fleece Artist in Canada, it didn't take long before I wanted to do a plain garter stitch moebius. The yarn is Curlylocks, and the colorway is seashore - a beauiful, warm mix of pink, blue, green, golden with soft color transitions. I soon found out that bouclee yarn is not the easiest choice for a moebius, well, for knitting in general, but the result is so pretty I think it's worth it!

I am knitting this in plain garterstitch to show off the structure and color the best way. I tried stockinette first, but think the yarn and moebius make the yarn look better in garter stitch. The pattern is heavily inspired by this:

The photo doesn't give this yarn and color justice, so I include a photo borrowed from that shows it off a lot better! Too bad you can't see the softness, but trust me - the quality is soft and lustrous and I am so happy with it - looking forward to finish it, and in the meanwhile - enjoy knitting with it, although the loops sometimes get "stuck" in the needles and it shed a bit, but so does my dogs smiley

The Moebius is coming on very nicely, although it will be quite big - more like a shoulder wrap, as I don't want too much leftover yarn. This color is increadibly beautiful, and I love working on it, enjoying the color and quality as I knit along - now more than 3/4 done smiley

New photo during the progress. The colors have a lovely warm tone and is not as yellowish as the photo shows.

Alpaca shawl

KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Sat, March 28, 2009 23:51:38

I am working on my third (or fourth) project on this colorful shawl in "Tynn Alpakka" from for Kari - a very good friend of mine.

The basic colour is handdyed blue, accompanied by matching blue, green and purple. The raspberry red is for brightening contrast, and is not as bright IRL.

My first moebius

KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Sat, March 28, 2009 23:46:34

Here's a picture of my first moebius, using 1-threaded wool yarn in the colorway heather from . Having finished ca 2/3 of this intriguing, but easy pattern, I am looking forward to finishing it to see how it turns out.

The pattern is heavily inspired by Barbro's knitting - check out the moebius pattern!

Finished it the beginning of April, and this too became a warm, lightweight gift for a friend. Forgot to take photos of it before it went away, though.

Curly mohair stola

KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Sat, March 28, 2009 23:43:32

Came across this beautifully colored curly mohair yarn from BC garn in Denmark at and bought two skeins to make this stola. The color is various colors of blue, lilac and purple. Have finished it, and I think it turned out very nice. It has been given away to a dear friend.

Diagonal blanket

KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Sat, March 28, 2009 23:39:01

A few weeks ago, I finished this lovely blanket in pure wool from

I am very pleased with it, being very light, warm, gorgeous colors in bluetoned green, lilac, lighter and darker blue with smooth transitions. The pattern is sooooo easy, starting with 2 stitches, increasing with 1 stitch the beginning of each row until it's wide enough, then decreasing the same way.

If you use 3 skeins you can use 1 skein for starting, 1 for the middle and the last one for the end, making a rectangular shape the easy way.

Felted handbag

KnittingPosted by Ann Helen Sat, March 28, 2009 23:29:40

Have just finished my first felted handbag. Used ca 300 gram kauni yarn - color is ER. Unfortunately the last round in the washing machine made it a bit smaller than I preferred, but am pleased with the outcome, thinking it is pretty cute! Colors look a bit pale on the photos, wheras they do have more warmth IRL. I've put plastic bags inside for shaping when drying.

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